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Reborn from the flames...

Long time no see!! (^_^)/ Happy new year!!! (^O^) Well... a day after anyway! lol 2011 will be the year of rebirth for me! (*^^*) I thought 2010 would be that year, but it wasn't! (^^;;) It was more of "the year of self-control" more than anything! XDD Ok, I take that back! It's the year of rebirth, PERIOD!! lol We get to start all over again! :D 2010 was also the year of "doing it just because I can"! (^_^) I've discovered Inaba Koshi's solo stuff and I grew to love it like I do B'z! <3 Ayu found technology and got married to a foreign guy!! Good for her! :) I couldn't be anymore proud than I am right now!!! ( ;  ; ) OKAY!!! Let's review what happened to me this year! :) Freak snow storm kept me at home for 2 weeks, then the great flood of Middle Tennessee happened in my own fuckin' backyard! My backyard was a river for about an hour or two! lol Broke up with my ex-boyfriend over Christmas Break last year (but it counts into this year, I guess)! :P Been getting A LOT of unwanted attention from horny men! XDDD Still trying to rebuild my self-esteem up from 2 years of being pushed down over and over again! I've come to a conclusion that I hate this state with a fiery passion!! :P I see a lot of pessimists and hypocrites in this state, it makes me wanna chunk a rock at them! >.< Moving on!! Love ayu's new album! Love Koshi's albums Shian and Hadou! <3 Magma is drawing close to 3rd! lol Judging by the CD Art, the photoshoot for Shian is pure perfection!!! (*O*) Oh oh and Koda Kumi took her 10th Anniversary and kicked Ayu's in the ass!! >D (I luv u, ayu! <33) Too bad that I haven't been to MTAC in a long time.. Not since 2009. My favorite Hadou songs: The Morning Call, 赤い糸,  and 不死鳥! Also.. ayu got twitter! :D I also learned that girl crushes suck worse than if you have a crush on a guy!! Oh well.. じゃあね!!! (^O^)/ 『百合ちゃんから♥』


HI, LIVEJOURNAL!!!! ^O^/ The good news is that I'm starting on my story (on which doesn't have a name yet)! :) Of course most of the names are Italian! XDD I'm trying to make it more American rather than make it Japanese! ^^; I've been doing that WAAAAY too much! (lol) I blame it on listening to J-POP and watching anime! XDD But that's not a bad thing either! (lol) But I'm STILL trying to come up with ideas on what to do with the characters and which characters fall in love! ^^;;; The funny thing is that the main character's name is named after a character from my DB Kai character! XDDD Though, some people will laugh at the guy's name if I mention it! :P "Andrea De Luca". REAL masculine, eh? (lol) Though, the idea for this story kind of came from reading the webcomic "Red String"! I almost named my "Two Lovers" series to "Akai Ito"! But that would of been too obvious too! XDD So, it's been renamed "Last Links ~Akai Ito~"! ^_^ The name "Last Links" came from Ayu's song of the same name! (^_^) So... I combined Koshi's song and Ayu's song! :D Speaking of Koshi, he's coming out with a new album! <33 Akai Ito WILL be on it! <333 OH GOD, I hope that Koshi comes to the states (even if it means being invited to a con)! ^^ Aaahh!!! I don't know what else to say... So I'll end it here! :)

Is it sad when I can hear the English voices in my head? XDD

Being weird...

As we know it... I'm bi, right? Right! So... I'm thinking to myself, "Why is homosexuality bombarded by Christians? They're just as human as everyone else is" So why are some Christians bashing on homosexuality? Because... they think that "gays" are evil! D< The ones I detest the most are Mormons! Why? Because they think homosexuals are inhuman! That and I hate homophobes. :P Whoever is a homophobe, they are the people I detest the most! (I use detest because I used hate too much! XDD) So the next time people wanna bash yaoi and yuri, I'll make sure that they get a reality check! >P But REALLY!!! Why do girls watch yaoi anyway? Yaoi is just plain guy sex! I prefer to watch shounen-ai myself... With a touch of yaoi! :D If I could watch yuri, I would... But I'm stuck with watching shoujo-ai! :) Maybe this year, I'll go to the yuri panel just to see what they have!!! =D Oo! Maybe I'll go as Utena!!! =D Or better yet... MICHIRU~!!! Gee, I wonder where I got THAT idea from? XDDDD MAN, I'm too~ into lesbians now! XDD Either way, I'm tilting towards being a lesbian myself! ^_^ But, I gotta go now before I get some hate mail from the straight community!! BAAAAI~~!


This is priceless! XDDD


Yesterday, I was involved in an accident! It's a traumatizing experience! It's something I don't want to experience again... :( My whole day started with an arguement and ended with an accident... :( I'm actually pretty lucky that I'm even walking or talking at the moment! I was listening to some piano music and this black car was coming my way... So I tried to avoid him and he hit me straight on! So, I ended up spinning to a ditch! It really scared the shit out of me!! I was so scared that I was balling my eyes out! I was also afraid that my dad was gonna yell at me because the guy took out the front of my car! Other than some bruises, I'm alright.. But I've been emotional scarred! (T^T) It feels like a nightmare!! But yet, the nightmare was very real! I guess it's never going away! But thankfully, everybody gave me some moral support... Matt was the first! :) I'm really thankful that I'm even alive at all! But I'm going to be scared to drive for a little while.. Well... Jyaa ne!

Lagging much?

Sorry about the long lag there, folks!! I'm currently watching the subbed version of Gurren Lagann! My favorite character(s) out of that series so far is Kamina and Yoko! (*O*) Simon reminds me too much of Amuro Ray and it's REALLY annoying!! (>.<) I think I'm on episode 3 right now! :) It's funny as hell!! Kamina is a really cool character and I can't wait to see the English dub!! I wanna see how well it turned out in English! (^_^) Well... I'm doing alright! I got an awesome room-mate! Yada yada yada... Over time, my dad told me some heartbreaking news... After 24 years of putting up with each other, they're finally seperating.. :( It's just sadden because I've felt like I've had a normal life and it's finally gone. Sad, isn't it? But at the same time, I've had this coming too.. I guess that I shouldn't pout about it!! lol Well.. I'm gone for now!! See ya!

Hallo! (^O^)

Guten Tag!! ich heiße Heather!! ich bin sympathisch und lustig!! Tehe! I'm still learning.. But I try.. At least I'm not some big pop star in Germany right now! XDD But... I just thought I'd show my progression through this blog.. It's a slow progress, but none the less, I'm getting there!! =D "Das ist doch nicht dein Ernst????" (Hey, my book has it as "You can't be serious?") lol

Tschüss!! (^O^)/


Feeling awful

At first, I was angry because my siblings can't learn from me.. Now I feel horrible because I feel like I've upset Emily because of something I did.. I'll have to admit, when it comes to the truth, I feel like I've hurt people because they can't take it. What am I to do?? It's either I tell somebody what's been on my mind, or they're hurt because I'm telling the truth.. I love 'em, but I feel like sometimes, they made a terrible mistake. I'm sorry if someone's upset at me because they can't tell the person they love the truth! I can't help it but to be just a tad upset.. Yes, I'm happy for them, but I want them to have a better life!! That's all I need to say.. Sorry, I felt like I had to speak my mind..

How long do I have to deal with this???

WOW!! Like the room-mate couldn't get ANY WORSE!! But unfortunately, they did.. My room-mate and I got into this BAD heated argument last night.. All because I was on the phone.. Jeez, like she has NOTHING else to bitch at me about.. -_- I mean, what can I do? Act stupid???? I was raised by VERY tough parents who taught me to take control my life and every time I TRY to stand up for my believes, she pushes me down like I'm not any of her concern at all! So.. After that, I grabbed my cordless phone and tried to talk on that to Matt and Janelle.. She unplugged THAT too! D< I mean.. WTF??? That was VERY rude of her to do that while I was trying to calm down! Not to mention that she's VERY old fashioned. Someone needs to tell her that she needs to adapt to what I do in this room because I'm ok with what she does.. But she's NOT ok with what I do??? That's bullshit! Total bullshit! D< That's why you have a ROOM-MATE!!!! You deal with THEIR routine and try to fit yourself in THEIRS! Not the other way around... She's failed to realize that and she's never gonna find a room-mate to fit her schedule in... Tsk tsk.. I thought college would be more mature than high school.. I was proven wrong! <.<; I guess even people at around my age act like children.. But I did my fair share of acting like a child... But that's only when I'm angry. What she's doing to me is VERY childish and immature!! Hopefully, we get a room-mate remediation soon because I can't put up with her crap anymore. Rachel, hopefully, you'll learn to embrace multi-tasking.. Why? Because that's why busy women are suppose to do. ~end of rant~